VOCAL Call for Participation

We are seeking a diverse group of individuals representative of the Southeastern San Diego neighborhoods with community based or regional experience with volunteer and/or professional knowledge in the fields listed below to participate in Voices of Community at All Levels (VOCAL) working group. This group will provide insight and ideas on a broad range of issues relating to the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation’s initiatives and projects.

If you have experience in any of these areas and are interested in volunteering with VOCAL, we invite you to complete the form and get involved:

  • youth development
  • business ownership
  • arts and culture
  • real estate
  • faith-based communities
  • health and wellness
  • communications and marketing
  • finance
  • technology
  • education
  • leadership
  • civic engagement.

If you have any questions, please contact Venus Molina at 619-527-6161 or VMolina@jacobscenter.org.


Estamos buscando un grupo diverso de personas representativas de las comunidades del sureste de San Diego con base en la comunidad o con experiencia regional. Clic aquí

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