Teen and Women’s Self-Defense Class, March 2nd, 2013


We are hosting a Women’s Self-Defense Workshop on March 2, 2013 from 11am – noon at Liberty Station in Point Loma as a fundraiser for the F.A.N.C.Y. Teen Girls Expo and Eleanor’s Place for Women.

In this course, you’ll learn how to condition yourself to be alert and aware of dangerous situations that can easily be prevented. In addition, you will learn to develop and utilize the following components:

*How to use your natural instincts to protect and defend yourself
*Master the basics of assessing your environment for weapons and escape routes
*Understanding the key vital points of the body that can distract an attacker
*A natural defensive stance that can throw any attacker off-guard
*Basic strikes, basic blocks, basic kicks
*An overview of self-defense at close, middle, and longer ranges.

Ages 13 & up. A portion of the ticket sales benefit the F.A.N.C.Y. Teen Girls Expo & Eleanor’s Place Boutique. Attendee Cost will be $35per person.

*GIRLS UNDER 18 must get written permission from parent. Parent consent forms located at: www.divasindefense.com.

*MUST PURCHASE TICKETS PRIOR TO CLASS: http://kickbuttforacausesd.eventbrite.com/

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