Recent Council Actions in the Neighborhood

On Oct. 30 Council President Young attended an event at Market Creek Plaza to unveil plans to create a cultural arts district in District 4. The plan was funded by a NEA “Our Town” grant awarded to the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation and the City of San Diego Arts and Culture Commission

On Nov. 13 the San Diego City Council authorized the expenditure of $2.4 million for the cost of completed public improvements such as roads and sidewalks in District 4 neighborhoods surrounding the Market Creek Plaza. Council President Tony Young thanked and commended the Jacobs Family Foundation and area residents for developing the commercial center and cultural complex that serves as the heart and soul for southeastern San Diego communities.

On Nov. 13 the San Diego City Council voted to approve a Property Value Protection Ordinance. The new law requires banks to register San Diego homes in the foreclosure process into a tracking database to help City code enforcement officers track and address potential problem properties to help prevent crime and blight.

On Nov. 13 the San Diego City Council approved $8,500 in additional funding for the purchase of a half-acre vacant lot at San Bernardo Terrace and La Paz Drive for future development and use as a neighborhood park in the Valencia Park area of District 4. This additional money is earmarked for the Valencia Park Acquisition and Development Capital Improvement Project, which currently is funded by two State of California grants totaling approximately $225,000.

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