Neighborhood improvements: Speak up and let us know

Speak up and let us know the top capital improvement projects needed in your District 4 planning area.

For the first time, San Diegans are being invited to participate in the city’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) planning process. It’s essential that all San Diego citizens, including District 4 residents, get involved and tell elected officials and city planners about much-needed projects for your neighborhood, such as libraries, fire stations, recreation centers, streets and sidewalks. For information about upcoming CIP planning meetings or to cast your vote for priority projects, contact your local planning committee chair:

  • Eastern Area, Laura Riebau (619) 208-6813;
  • Southeastern Area, Maria Riveroll, (619) 264-5373;
  • Skyline Paradise Hills, William Penick, (619) 829-3573;
  • City Heights Area, Katherine Eaton, email;
  • Encanto Area, Ken Marbrough, online at:

For additional information, contact Council District Four Representative Bruce Williams: at (619) 236-7175.

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