Green Up Your Home

Able-Disabled Advocacy (A-DA) YouthBuild, in collaboration with SDG&E and the Office of Council President Tony Young, is seeking low-income home owners in Council District 4 who need modest energy-efficient improvements to their properties. This free program is offered at no cost to the homeowner. All materials will be provided through the SDG&E Green Future Grant.

Improvements include but are not limited to: water line leak detection and repair; window and door caulking/ weather-stripping; water heater insulation and/or earthquake strapping; repairing interior and exterior structural leaks; and installing low-flow toilets and water saving sink aerators and shower. Participants must be low-income and be willing to participate in a Customer Satisfaction Survey at the completion of the work. Homeowners will also be asked to provide before and after copies of utility bills and proof of home ownership such as property tax bills or Deed of Trust.

A total of 7 homes will be selected throughout District 4. Households will be selected on the basis of need and income. Application deadline is Friday, Oct. 12. For more information or to request an application, please call: (619) 231-5990 or email:

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