Festival Park General Development Plan

The City of San Diego, in conjunction with the Jacob’s Center for Neighborhood Innovation, would like to invite you to participate in a Public Workshop for a pocket park at the Village at Market Creek. This pocket park is envisioned to provide passive recreation for all ages. Community involvement in this project is crucial to ensuring a successful plan that meets the needs of your community. Input from the workshop will help design the General Development Plan for this future pocket park.

February 16, 2012
12:00pm (noon)
Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center,
6401 Skyline Drive

For more information, please contact, Jeff Harkness at (619)533-6595,
or e-mail jharkness@sandiego.gov

One thought on “Festival Park General Development Plan

  1. Will this “Pocket Park” extend along Chollas Creek to 47th Street? That area is a vacant lot that belong to the city is an eyesore with overgrown reeds that are a fire hazard. The residents in the area have been asking for a “Pocket Park” for a long time. How about giving us some help and entend the park?

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