SDAFF presents a free screening of “The Real Shaolin”

The San Diego Asian Film Foundation is hosting its annual outdoor screening at Market Creek Plaza on Friday, September 24!

The Real Shaolin

The Real Shaolin (2008) is a documentary by Alexander Sebastien Lee that follows the lives of four martial arts students from China, France, and the United States as they master their Kung Fu skills at the Shaolin Temple.

From SDAFF‘s event page:

In the mountains of Central China, the Shaolin Temple is known as the legendary birthplace of Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism. The Shaolin monks are real-life superheroes who created a paradox by combining deadly martial arts techniques with daily meditation to achieve enlightenment. The Real Shaolin is a documentary about two Chinese and two Westerners who journey to Shaolin inspired by the legends portrayed in Kung Fu movies. They discover a temple shrouded in secrecy, a culture isolated from the West, and the power of the human spirit.

Through their trials, all learn that despite their single-minded focus, only a select few attain the physical and spiritual perfection of the legendary Shaolin monks. Each discovers that enlightenment is not embodied by a single place but through a long journey that begins and ends in one’s heart.

Friday, September 24
Market Creek Plaza Amphitheater (310 Euclid Avenue)
Entertainment at 6:30pm / Movie at 7:30pm

The event is FREE and plenty of parking is available next to the venue.

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